Bounty Missions

Take advantage of some good pay-outs this week in Red Dead Online, including:

2X RDO$:

  • Legendary and Infamous Bounty Missions

2X RDO$ & XP:

  • Free Roam Missions

Also, Prestigious Bounty Hunters who have reached Rank 30 will receive an Offer for 40% off a Stable Stall and 2 Rewards for 2,000 Character XP (delivered within 72 hours). Bounty Hunters yet to purchase the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License can complete any three Legendary Bounties to receive an Offer of 5 Gold Bars off the cost of the license, available within 72 hours of hauling in your third Legendary target.

Plus, reach low honour to receive a Black Gathered Bandana and remember that all Fast Travels and Persistent Posse Setup Fees are free for this week!

Outlaw Pass 6

NEW Red Dead Online DLC Update! Rockstar confirms Outlaw Pass 6 and NEW Details about the Red Dead Summer DLC Update. The upcoming RDR2 Online Update will include Homestead robberies and won’t have an upfront role cost!