UZI Tactical Pen with DNA Catcher Black

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UZI Tactical Pen with DNA Catcher Black

The Tactical Defender Writing Pen with built-in Black Cuff Key . Law enforcement professionals know That they always need to expect the unexpected. That a routine traffic stop Could become un-routine at any moment.

The UZI Tactical Pen takes something as trivial as a pen and turns it into a potential life saving tool . The most unique feature of the pen Is that it employs the UZI DNA Catcher on the crown of the pen . The sharpened crown on the end can be used to jab or poke an attacker , Which will not only cause extreme pain , but it will Also collect the aggressors ‘ DNA Which can be used for future identification.

The pen can be any carried around anywhere : such as your shirt pocket , glove compartment , purse or backpack . To use the pen , simply twist the end to write . It comes with a sturdy , over- sized , removable pocket clip. Includes a standard Parker BLACK INK cartridge and Accepts Fisher Space pen refills if desired . This is a solid , well constructed pen That would make a great gift . The UZI Tactical Pen is another one of the tools every officer That Should Keep in Their arsenal For Those Times That they need to expect the unexpected.

Aircraft aluminium construction
Black ink cartridge
Pocket clip
Knurled grip
Accepts standard Parker and Fisher Space pen refills
Overall length: 158mm
Colour: Gunmetal

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