Red Dead Redemption 2: Ranking The Van Der Linde Gang By Arthur’s Relationship To Them

Red Dead Redemption 2 lets players really interact with their gang of criminal pals. We take a look at which ones are the main character’s besties!

Red Dead Redemption 2 took players on a journey that featuring the story of a man named Arthur Morgan who played a pivotal role in the lives of most of the Van Der Linde Gang that was lead by Arthur’s father of sorts, Dutch Van Der Linde. Arthur had varying levels of relationships with the gang that ranged from lifelong friends to passing faces.Those that Arthur was loyal to knew it and often returned the favour tenfold. Let’s now look at and rank the 10 most notable Van Der Linde gang members based on their relationship to Arthur Morgan.

10 Javier Escuella

It’s hard to label Arthur Morgan’s relationship with Javier Escuella as a friendship, but at the very least it seemed like Javier respected him a good amount. At the beginning of the game Javier is assigned to help Arthur go out in search of John Marston, and without blinking an eye Javier mounts his horse and helps out.

Unlike Bill Williamson, Javier never really showed disdain for Arthur’s push to give the gang a better life, but at the end of the day, Javier was loyal to a fault and continued to be by Dutch’s side for the foreseeable future.

9 Abigail Roberts

Abigail Roberts is mostly known as being the woman John Martson falls in love with and starts a family alongside. He wasn’t the only one who thought she worth chasing as Arthur also had an interest in Abigail as well.

He never pursued anything as he knew how much John was interested in her, and understood how easily that could splinter the brotherly bond they developed growing up under Dutch’s leadership all of those years. Arthur was a decent man who understood the boundaries he shouldn’t cross

8 Lenny Summers

Anyone who’s played the game for more than a couple of hours should be familiar with the relationship that Arthur has with one Lenny Summers. There’s an entire mission early on centred around Arthur and Lenny getting drunk and players must use Arthur as he shouts out Lenny’s name in an attempt to find him.

As you’d expect hilarity ensues and the mission ends up being memorable. They may not be super close, but Arthur never had another drinking partner like Lenny in his entire life.

7 Leopold Strauss

If you’re someone who believes in fate and purpose, then you’ll believe that Leopold Strauss was meant to send Arthur on that mission to collect owed money that had him contracting a sickness. Without Strauss scheming people out of house and home, you don’t get Arthur’s journey of redemption and reflection.

Things don’t end on the best of terms between the two as Arthur eventually kicks Strauss out of the gang for being heartless. It’s crazy to think that the least dangerous member of the gang was the one responsible for Arthur’s sickness.

6 Micah Bell

Some of the best relationships in fiction aren’t necessarily the ones that are labeled as friendships, sometimes rivalries end of being the most fascinating. Players are introduced to Micah Bell when Arthur is tasked with breaking him out of jail.

This leads to Arthur being reunited with a man who immediately show’s his lack of moral compass and companionship. Micah ends up being the root cause of Dutch’s downfall and in turn a primary factor in how and why Dutch was willing to overlook Arthur’s pleas to take the gang in a better direction.

5 Hosea Matthews

Arthur grew up in the gang right in front of both Dutch Van Der Linde and his intelligent co-captain Hosea Matthews. If Dutch was Arthur’s dad in a way, that means that Hosea was his uncle who he respected beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Arthur appreciated Hosea because the older man was Dutch’s confidant and because of that, Dutch was willing to hear Hosea out and it often led to Dutch’s plans being reigned in to a more realistic space. Hosea’s death was a big factor in rapidly accelerating Dutch’s descent into madness.

4 Charles Smith

Loyalty is a word that defined Charles Smith’s existence up until his final days. Whether for John Marston or Arthur, Charles went out of his way to help and protect those who were loyal to him.

He was a man of few words, but many actions that just wanted those around him that he cared about to be happy. You could argue that his bond with John was a little closer as he helped him build a home, but he didn’t waste any time or ask any questions when Arthur needed him by his side in his final days.

3 Sadie Adler

When Arthur first met Sadie Adler she was a widowed housewife who looked to be just another mouth the gang would have to feed. Little did he know she’d grow into the strongest and most capable woman he’d ever had the chance of knowing.

Sadie could often be heard trying to lead Arthur in the right direction and knew that his journey of redemption wouldn’t come easy. Arthur died knowing that Sadie would be serving justice and thriving among the chaos despite starting her journey as a seemingly naïve housewife.

2 Dutch Van Der Linde

Arthur’s second strongest relationship has to be with that of the leader of the gang, Dutch Van Der Linde. The man brought Arthur in at a young age and provided structure and comfort for a boy who felt lost.

Their relationship may have unravelled into a chaotic mess, but for many years Dutch saw Arthur as a son of sorts. Watching Dutch’s mental fortitude collapse was painful for Arthur and led to the unrelenting hate in his heart he felt for Micah Bell. The hardest thing is seeing someone you look up to fall from grace with a thud.

1 John Marston

The strongest bond Arthur ever shared was with John Martson. Growing up together under Dutch in his gang brought the two men closer together than they likely ever realized. For most accounts they were brothers, who like brothers do, sometimes argued, but at the end of the day, they knew they loved one another and would do anything to protect them.

In the grand scheme of things, it seems like John needed Arthur a lot more than Arthur needed him as John was the one who found his life at a crossroads and chose to be better thanks in large part to seeing how Arthur’s life played out.